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Fascination street
[Promo] - 12" United States Elektra 
Issued in 1989. Catalogue #0-66704. Promo gold stamp on back.

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E A S T  
By babblebhoy (0) May, 9 2012 1:06 AM
Hello. My copy of this record has the letters E, A, S, & T pressed onto the inner label area of side 2 - where the "ABBL" of BABBLE is written. The 4 letters are arranged compass-like around this inner circle. I don't see these marking on the photo of the label shown here. They seem rather too precise and subtle to have been done manually by a previous owner. Does anyone have any idea what it could mean/be? Thanks.

    sukiac (30) Jul, 20 2013 10:29 PM
    Bonjour ... In the run-off you should see a logo 'SRC' which means "Manufactured by Speciality Records Corporation (SRC) Olyphant, PA, USA, EAST Coast" ... here is the meaning of these four letters visible on all the B-sides of pressing to the East Coast ... you can read the two-letters 'SP' on the labels ... There is another pressing for the West Coast ... manufactured by Allied Record Company (ARC) Los Angeles, CA, USA (West Cost) ... but there are no signs around the circle of the B-side ... on labels you can read 'AR'... Here is your answer that you can control on the 7 "and 12" Elektra.
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Fascination street (issued 1989). Promo gold stamp on back. - Thanks to yugung
Fascination street (Promo) 12" Maxi-single United States Elektra 0-100€ 9
Page thanks to yugung (82)

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