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Close to me / A man inside my mouth
7" United Kingdom Fiction (paper label, large hole)
Issued in 1985. Catalogue #FICS 23. Picture paper label. Large hole.

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By vandeebgroup (72) Nov, 18 2009 7:55 PM
Any chance this large-hole version is an ex-jukebox copy that was originally the small hole version that had the center cut out? I saw a round of ebay auctions a couple years ago that were all small hole 45s converted for a jukebox. I only ask because the words are all cut off on the b-side.

    tsao (0) Nov, 18 2009 9:13 PM
    You read my mind! I thought the same, not only for the effect on design, but also for the cut itself, it looks like it's not very sharp. I don't have an answer. Anyone?
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Close to me / A man inside my mouth (issued 1985). Picture paper label. Large hole. - Thanks to yugung
Close to me / A man inside my mouth 7" Single United Kingdom Fiction (paper label, large hole) 0-100€ 3
Page thanks to yugung (82)

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