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Friday I'm in love
12" United Kingdom Fiction (pink)
Issued in 1992. Catalogue #FICSX 42. Pink vinyl.

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There are many more coloured Fridays  
By outofmind (0) Mar, 27 2014 11:32 AM
The list on this site (clear, blue, pink, marbled) is far from complete. I have seven different (and missing the clear one): pink transparent, pink non-transparent, pink non-transparent marbled, light blue transparent, pink/blueish transparent, dark blue transparent marbled, and another that's inbetween of those pink/blueish transparent)

    outofmind (0) Mar, 27 2014 4:12 PM
    Ok, thanks for clarifying - I guess, it's possible that some of these may come from the same pressing, but probably at least the non-transparent versions are for sure a different pressing.
    vandeebgroup (72) Mar, 27 2014 2:55 PM
    I work for a record label and we do a fair amount of multi-colored/marbled vinyl pressing. There can be quite a lot of variation within one pressing, as far as how much of each color appears. It depends how the pressing plant mixes the different vinyl pellets before hand. We had one record that was intended to be clear with green and blue streaks, and some copies were almost entirely clear, some appeared to be what's called "coke bottle", and some had very distinct green and blue streaks. It was different enough that some people thought they had received a different version, but they were all from the same pressing. I'm not claiming to know if that's the case here, but just giving one possibility.
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Friday I'm in love (issued 1992). Pink vinyl. - Thanks to yugung
Friday I'm in love 12" Maxi-single United Kingdom Fiction (pink) 0-100€ 42
By romano (0) Apr, 29 2011 4:37 PM
this is the rarest edition of 12 coloured vinyl of this single

    darko (0) Sep, 7 2012 8:15 PM
    I have 3 editions. Pink, blue and clear. What i have to do to send photos?
    easyme (0) Sep, 7 2012 5:07 PM
    hi there.. i own a copy of this pink clear vinyl and another thet seems to blue clear but you look Daren's book both seem to be more opaque..? and i'm a little bit lost... someone can help me..? thanks
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