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Hot hot hot !!!
12" United States Elektra (misprinted)
Issued in 1988. Catalogue #0-66783. Red fishes.

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By webmaster Jul, 13 2009 4:30 PM
redhill, reidy, steveetorch, wishful and a couple more collectors, please note some of you might have this item wrongly added in your collection. The reason is, this item "Hot hot hot !!!" has replaced former item #2371, which was "Play out VHS UK". /// The reason for all this is, "Play out VHS Germany" (item #2759) was misclassified as German when it turned out to be UK, so after fixing that we had a duplicate in there, with two UK videos listed. Therefore, we replaced one of them. Hope we explained? Apologies for the inconvenience caused./// This said, we realised we need to reclassify likewise some of the German and UK videos. Quite a mess there, but hopefully we'll not have to bother again with this warning, fingers crossed.
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Hot hot hot !!! (issued 1988). Red fishes. - Thanks to yugung
Hot hot hot !!! 12" Maxi-single United States Elektra (misprinted) 100-200€ 2
Page thanks to yugung (82)

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