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Mixed up
[Test pressing] - 12"x2 United Kingdom Fiction (+ cue sheet)
Issued in 1990. Catalogue #FIXMC 18. Promo test pressing with company label sheets.

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By easyjeje (159) Mar, 21 2010 9:28 PM
what a beautiful record ! congratulation :-)

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    Fabien G (5) Nov, 10 2023 8:35 AM
    I suppose the first reference on sleeve is an in-house ref 841/381 c/0 -4. and the Va, and finally Os, or future record ref. On the paper sleeve, what is 'Caterpillar + Home Beats'. Home Beats? Why do they write that on the sleeve? I don't understand how can there be so much mess on the cue sheet. On the first page, in blue, there are 5 numbers for 6 songs, these are the bpm? In red 'Now, 24, )?, 12, ?, 31' what are these indications? In blue '15 in between days', so that means there was supposed to be 15 songs on the album (or even 16 as never enough is last)? What is the '?' for? On the second sheet, I can understand why a name in the credits can be crossed, but why the catrepillar, inbetween days, never enough are crossed?
    Fabien G (5) Nov, 10 2023 8:03 AM
    The two stickers haven never been uploaded, have they? As for the paint, couldn't it be made using real spray paint, hence the thin texture?
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Mixed up (issued 1990). Promo test pressing with company label sheets. - Thanks to nosigner
Mixed up (Test pressing) 12"x2  United Kingdom Fiction (+ cue sheet) 765.00€ 0
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