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The lovecats
[Promo] - 12" United States Sire 
Issued in 1983. Catalogue #9 20161-0.

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Promo Stamp & Wrong Speed  
By GCS1 (8) May, 7 2010 4:55 PM
hi! i have also this version with golden promo stamp but mine plays also the b side with wrong speed (like item # 1679). is this mixed version a new itwm then? cheers g*

    FatahRuark (0) Feb, 27 2013 3:10 PM
    My copy also has the label with the wrong speed on side-B. Just a guess, but maybe the label put the mispressed copies into the promo labeled sleeves just to get rid of them.
    webmaster May, 7 2010 6:36 PM
    Technically, it should be a different new item, since it's not equal to any of the records listed. However, for this case we believe it makes more sense to consider the "mispressed phenomenon" as a unique item, regardless of the sleeve having a stamp. We're aware of the paradox, you can now add 2 items on your list with just 1 record, but we'd rather leave it like that when it's just an unproved and unprovable combination of two other records. By using this criteria, we also prevent others from making up fake combinations in order to create new items. Thanks for noting that, we're adding this info on the item right away.
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The lovecats (issued 1983).  - Thanks to yugung
The lovecats (Promo) 12" Maxi-single United States Sire 0-100€ 13
cat #  
By siamese (1) Oct, 17 2012 11:41 AM
Hi, where does the '9' in cat# come from, as the spine reads '20161-OA'?
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