Price guide

Rating an item 
As a member, you can rate any item on the site.
To rate a specific item, open its page and display the Price guide section in "Item overview". Your ratings are kept private and you can change them any time.

To properly rate an item:

Think of what a MINT AND COMPLETE copy is worth today.
Base your opinion on what the market is paying/asking on average, not on what you would personally pay/ask.

Do not rate unless you feel you know.
The more expert ratings we get, the more useful the Price guide will be.

How are quotations calculated?
Quotation =  25% rating by + 75% average rating by its members

Quotations on mouseover
To see the quotation of an item, place your mouse on the small star(s).

Items rated by 5 or more members will show their exact quotation.

          ie. 65.80        

Items rated by less than 5 members will show their quotation like this:

          Out of market  

Note: Ratings by members unlogged for more than 90 days are not taken into account.