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Contributions from orbit 
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The Peel sessions (issued 1988). Limited edition "glow in the dark" CD label. - Thanks to orbit.
 The Peel sessions CD
LP Canada Dutch East India (blue sl., ltd. white print)
      Vinyl 12"
Let's go to bed / Just one kiss (issued 1982). Dark purple vinyl. - Thanks to orbit.
 Let's go to bed / Just one kiss 12"
Single United States Important
      Vinyl 7"
Charlotte sometimes / Splintered in her head (issued 1981). Silver plastic label. Note "Ficion" isn't the old Fiction logo, and is on its process to change into the new Fiction logo firstly seen on "The hanging garden" and "Pornography". - Thanks to orbit.
 Charlotte sometimes / Splintered in her head 7"
Single United Kingdom Fiction
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