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Contributions from curemember 
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Boys don't cry (issued 1986). Plastic clear tape. "AR" type. - Thanks to curemember.
 Boys don't cry Cassette
LP United States Elektra (AR)
Pornography (issued 1986). Plastic clear tape. "AR" type. - Thanks to curemember.
 Pornography Cassette
LP United States Elektra (AR)
The Glove - Blue sunshine (issued 1983). No bar code. Paper labels. - Thanks to curemember.
 Blue sunshine Cassette
LP United Kingdom Wonderland (paper label)
The head on the door (issued 1985). "AR" type. - Thanks to curemember.
 The head on the door Cassette
LP United States Elektra (AR)
Staring at the sea · The singles (issued 1986). The sleeve has a white PolyGram logo on the spine. "Staring" instead of "Standing..." titles. Indonesia titles on back sleeve. Clear PolyGram tape. - Thanks to curemember.
 Staring at the sea · The singles Cassette
LP Indonesia Suara Sentral Sejati (white logo)
Close to me (closest mix) / Just like heaven (dizzy mix) (issued 1990). "AR" type. - Thanks to curemember.
 Close to me (closest mix) / Just like heaven (dizzy mix) Cassette
Single United States Elektra (AR)
Show (issued 1993). Clear tape with blue print. - Thanks to curemember.
 Show Cassette
LP Indonesia Universal (blue print)
Gone! (radio mix) (issued 1996). Plain titled sleeve with red Polydor logo. 1 track. - Thanks to curemember.
 Gone! (radio mix) (Promo) Cassette
Single United Kingdom Polydor
Wrong number (issued 1997). 1-track version. - Thanks to curemember.
 Wrong number (Promo) Cassette
Single United Kingdom Polydor (1 track)
Galore The singles 1987-1997 (issued 1997). Paper sleeve with red Polydor logo. - Thanks to curemember.
 Galore The singles 1987-1997 (Promo) Cassette
LP Germany Polydor
Three imaginary boys (issued 2000). Matrix says "827 686-2 01" and "Made in the E.U. by Cinram Optical Discs". - Thanks to curemember.
 Three imaginary boys CD
LP European Union Universal
The top (issued 1990). 20-page booklet and red promo sticker. - Thanks to curemember.
 The top (Promo) CD
LP Japan Polydor
Radio sampler (issued 1987).  - Thanks to curemember.
 Radio sampler (Promo only) CD
Sampler United States Elektra
Disintegration (issued 2010). Jewel-box with back-insert only. Sent with 6 sheets. - Thanks to curemember.
 Disintegration (Promo acetate) CD-Rx3
LP United States Rhino (rem. deluxe, + sheets)
High (issued 1992). With obi, lyrics insert and red promo sticker. - Thanks to curemember.
 High (Promo) CD
Maxi-single Japan Polydor
 100-200€   Strangely hard to find
Wish (issued 1992). Silver disc. Record club issue by BMG. - Thanks to curemember.
 Wish (Promo test pressing) CD
LP United States BMG
V.A. - The crow (issued 1994). Includes "Burn". Mtd. for BMG Direct Marketing. Inc under License. - Thanks to curemember.
 The crow CD
Soundtrack United States BMG (w/ "Burn")
V.A. - Judge Dredd (issued 1995). Includes "Dredd song". - Thanks to curemember.
 Judge Dredd CD
Soundtrack Austria Epic (w/ "Dredd song")
V.A. - 104.9 · An XFM compilation album (issued 1995). Includes track "Young Americans" (David Bowie). "Made in UK by PDO" on matrix. - Thanks to curemember.
 104.9 · An XFM compilation album CD
LP United Kingdom XFM (w/ "Young Americans")
Mint car (issued 1996). German edition with Swedish promo-sticker on back. - Thanks to curemember.
 Mint car (Promo) CD
Maxi-single Sweden Polydor
V.A. - The one and only 80's album (issued 1997). 19 tracks including "The lovecats" and "Dear prudence". - Thanks to curemember.
 The one and only 80's album CD
LP Germany PolyGram (w/ "The lovecats" +1)
V.A. - The X-Files The album (issued 1998). 14 tracks. Includes "More than this". - Thanks to curemember.
 The X-Files The album CD
Soundtrack United States Elektra (w/ "More than this")
V.A. - American psycho (issued 2000). With obi. Promo sticker on back. Includes track "Watching me fall (underdog remix)". - Thanks to curemember.
 American psycho (Promo) CD
Soundtrack Japan Victor (w/ "Watching me fall (und. remix)")
Bloodflowers (issued 2000). EU (UK) edition with Swiss red sticker announcing live date in Zurich. - Thanks to curemember.
 Bloodflowers CD
LP Switzerland Universal
Bloodflowers (issued 2000). DJ "red flower" picture CD. White titled promo back-sleeve only. - Thanks to curemember.
 Bloodflowers (Promo) CD
LP United States Elektra (white back, no comments)
Out of this world (radio edit) / Out of this world (album version) (issued 2000). Swedish edition with promo sticker. Unique picture slimcase. CD is made in the UK by PMDC. - Thanks to curemember.
 Out of this world (radio edit) / Out of this world (album version) (Promo only) CD
Single Sweden Fiction
Out of this world (issued 2000). Unique picture slimcase with sticker. CD is made in the UK by PMDC. - Thanks to curemember.
 Out of this world (Promo only) CD
Single Switzerland Polydor
Out of this world (radio edit) / Out of this world (album version) (issued 2000). EU edition with promo sticker by Michelle Beckles. Unique picture slimcase. CD is made in the UK by PMDC. - Thanks to curemember.
 Out of this world (radio edit) / Out of this world (album version) (Promo only) CD
Single United Kingdom Fiction (Michelle Beckles)
Just say yes / Just say yes (acoustic version) (issued 2002). EU edition with Irish sticker. Matrix says "Made in the UK by Universal M & L". - Thanks to curemember.
 Just say yes / Just say yes (acoustic version) (Promo only) CD
Single Ireland Universal
Blank & Jones - A forest (issued 2003). Slimcase. German edition with Warner Sweden promo sticker on back. - Thanks to curemember.
 A forest (Promo) CD
Maxi-single Sweden Warner
Junior Jack - Da hype (issued 2003). Cardsleeve. 3 tracks. Big promo sticker on front sleeve with release date 2nd February 2004 plus biography. Contact on sticker is Mark Wilson. Includes "instrumental single version" without Robert Smith's vocals. - Thanks to curemember.
 Da hype (Promo) CD
Maxi-single United Kingdom Defected (3 tr., sticker 2, w/ R.Smith)
One hundred years (issued 2003). With promo sticker on back. - Thanks to curemember.
 One hundred years (Promo only) CD
Sampler United Kingdom Eagle Rock
The end of the world (issued 2004). US edition with Finish sticker. - Thanks to curemember.
 The end of the world (Promo) CD
Single Finland Geffen
The end of the world (issued 2004). Slimcase. Sticker reads "For more info contact Kelly (...)". - Thanks to curemember.
 The end of the world (Promo) CD
Single United Kingdom Universal (sticker, contact Kelly)
Taking off (issued 2004). 1 track. EU (CURE5) promo edition with Irish promo sticker. - Thanks to curemember.
 Taking off (Promo) CD
Single Ireland Geffen (1 track)
V.A. - Instant Karma · The Amnesty International campaign to save Darfur (issued 2007). 28 tracks. Papersleeve. Includes "Love" cover (John Lennon). - Thanks to curemember.
 Instant Karma · The Amnesty International campaign to save Darfur CDx2
LP European Union Warner (Instant Karma, w/ "Love" (J. Lennon))
The only one (mix 13) / NY trip (issued 2008). Plastic wallet with sticker and picture insert. White disc. - Thanks to curemember.
 The only one (mix 13) / NY trip (Promo acetate) CD
Single Denmark Universal
The perfect boy (mix 13) (issued 2008). Numbered. "Watermarked! Warning" Universal sticker seal. - Thanks to curemember.
 The perfect boy (mix 13) (Promo acetate) CD-R
Single United States Geffen
4:13 dream (issued 2008). With double-sided insert. Matrix reads "74 PA7011". - Thanks to curemember.
 4:13 dream (Promo acetate) CD-R
LP Japan Universal
4:13 dream (issued 2008). "Hypnagogic states EP" promo sticker on back. Standard disc with black print. - Thanks to curemember.
 4:13 dream (Promo) CD
LP United Kingdom Polydor (black print)
4:13 dream (issued 2008). Contact Adrian McKinney on back of sleeve. - Thanks to curemember.
 4:13 dream (Promo acetate) CD-R
LP United Kingdom Universal
V.A. - Almost Alice (issued 2010). Includes "Very good advice" by Robert Smith. Contacts are Chris Stowers and Anthony "Chachi" Siscar. - Thanks to curemember.
 Almost Alice (Promo) CD-R
Soundtrack United States Buena Vista (Chris Stowers, w/ "Very good advice" (R.Smith))
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Nocturne (issued 1983).  - Thanks to curemember.
 Nocturne Beta-Pal
LP United Kingdom Spectrum
Galore The videos 1987-1997 (issued 1997).  - Thanks to curemember.
 Galore The videos 1987-1997 VHS-PAL
LP United Kingdom Fiction
      Vinyl 12"
Boys don't cry (issued 1983). Picture label. - Thanks to curemember.
 Boys don't cry 12"
LP Netherlands Polydor
Seventeen seconds (issued 1980). Track 2 side one plays "A forest" instead of "Play for today". So "A forest" plays twice, on track 2 and 7. - Thanks to curemember.
 Seventeen seconds 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction (mispressed)
Faith (issued 1981). Reissue with picture insert. - Thanks to curemember.
 Faith 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction (picture insert)
Pornography (issued 1982). Black picture label. - Thanks to curemember.
 Pornography 12"
LP Netherlands Polydor (picture label)
Let's go to bed (issued 1983). Special price sleeve. - Thanks to curemember.
 Let's go to bed 12"
Maxi-single United States Sire
Japanese whispers (issued 1983). Grey paper label. - Thanks to curemember.
 Japanese whispers 12"
LP Netherlands Polydor (grey label)
Disintegration (issued 1989).  - Thanks to curemember.
 Disintegration 12"
LP United States Elektra
V.A. - Lost angels (issued 1989). Stickered plain white sleeve. Promo white labels. - Thanks to curemember.
 Lost angels (Promo) 12"
Soundtrack United States A&M (w/ "Fascination street")
      Vinyl 7"
Boys don't cry / (no side) (issued 1989).  - Thanks to curemember.
 Boys don't cry / (no side) (Promo acetate) 7"
Track-off United States Elektra
Play for today / (no side) (issued 1989). Elektra label with track, band and promo titles. Catalogue number is 22649. - Thanks to curemember.
 Play for today / (no side) (Promo acetate) 7"
Track-off United States Elektra (22649)
A reflection / (no side) (issued 1988).  - Thanks to curemember.
 A reflection / (no side) (Promo acetate) 7"
Track-off United States Elektra
The lovecats / Speak my language (issued 1983). Silver injection mould label. Mispressed copy where b-side reads "The lovecats" but plays "Speak my language". - Thanks to curemember.
 The lovecats / Speak my language 7"
Single United Kingdom Fiction (silver label, mispressed)
The Glove - Punish me with kisses / The tightrope (issued 1983). Silver injection mould label. - Thanks to curemember.
 Punish me with kisses / The tightrope 7"
Single United Kingdom Wonderland (mould label)
Why can't I be you? / Ordinary Day (issued 1987). Unique picture sleeve. Red print. - Thanks to curemember.
 Why can't I be you? / Ordinary Day (Promo only) 7"
Juke box Italy PolyGram (red print, jacket)
Why can't I be you? / A Japanese dream (issued 1987). Found with either Gallo sleeve or Polydor sleeve. - Thanks to curemember.
 Why can't I be you? / A Japanese dream 7"
Single South Africa Polydor
Catch / Breathe (issued 1987). Promo white label. - Thanks to curemember.
 Catch / Breathe (Promo) 7"
Single Japan Polydor
 401.25€   Strangely hard to find
High / This twilight garden (issued 1992). Plastic label. Small hole. - Thanks to curemember.
 High / This twilight garden 7"
Single United Kingdom Fiction (plastic label, small hole)
Friday I'm in love / (no side) (issued 2012). Number 540-1/1 Secret 7". Sleeve designed by Harry Pye. Part of the Secret 7 exhibition 21/04/12. - Thanks to curemember.
 Friday I'm in love / (no side) 7"
Single United Kingdom Secret 7" (#540)
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