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Contributions from orbinski 
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Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). Japanese promo stamp on label. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me (Promo) Cassette
LP Japan Polydor
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). Elektra paper sleeve. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me (Promo) Cassette
LP United States Elektra
Disintegration (issued 1989).  - Thanks to orbinski.
 Disintegration Cassette
LP South Africa Polydor
Disintegration (issued 1989). Clear tape with handwritten titles. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Disintegration (Promo test pressing) Cassette
LP United States Specialty
Mixed up (issued 1991). Red paper labels. No "Dyna" logo on j-card. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Mixed up Cassette
LP Philippines Cosmic (red label, " ")
V.A. - Stone free A tribute to Jimi Hendrix (issued 1993). WEA white paper label. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Stone free A tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Promo) Cassette
LP United Kingdom WEA (w/ "Purple haze")
Lost wishes (issued 1994). Red sleeve. On side 1 there's a dot between "Uyea sound" and "Cloudberry". Available by mail order only. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Lost wishes (Fan-club only) Cassette
EP United Kingdom Fiction (1994, red)
V.A. - 104.9 · Various Artists (issued 1995). Includes track "Young Americans" (David Bowie). - Thanks to orbinski.
 104.9 · Various Artists (Promo) Cassette
LP United Kingdom XFM (w/ "Young Americans")
Galore The singles 1987-1997 (issued 1997). Paper sleeve with red Polydor logo. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Galore The singles 1987-1997 (Promo) Cassette
LP United Kingdom Polydor (paper sleeve, 18 tracks)
Wish (issued 1992).  - Thanks to orbinski.
 Wish CD
LP South Africa Teal Trutone
The 13th (issued 1996). No sleeve, silver label. - Thanks to orbinski.
 The 13th (Promo) CD
Single United Kingdom Fiction
Gone! (issued 1996). German maxi-single edition with Swedish info-sticker. Made in Germany by PMDC. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Gone! (Promo) CD
Maxi-single Sweden Fiction (maxi)
V.A. - (no title) (issued 1996). PolyGram die-cut sleeve. Includes "Gone!". - Thanks to orbinski.
 (no title) (Promo only) CD
Sampler Mexico PolyGram (w/ "Gone!")
Wrong number (radio mix) / Wrong number (single mix) (issued 1997). Front sticker in Finnish. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Wrong number (radio mix) / Wrong number (single mix) (Promo) CD
Single Finland Fiction
Wrong number (single mix) / Wrong number (p2p mix) (issued 1997). Cardsleeve. Different colors on disc: "The Cure" in green and "Wrong number" in red. "CD 2 titles" on front corner. Matrix says "MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC" and "569 074-2 01 /". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Wrong number (single mix) / Wrong number (p2p mix) CD
Maxi-single Germany Fiction (single, misprint)
Maybe someday (issued 2000). "El Estudio" studios. Date on sleeve "14.01.00". CD-R with handwritten titles on label. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Maybe someday (Test acetate) CD-R
Single Spain Polydor
Bloodflowers (issued 2000). Pre-release CD-R. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Bloodflowers (Promo) CD-R
LP Sweden Polydor
Out of this world (issued 2000). Back Finnish sticker. Matrix says "MADE IN UK BY PMDC". The sticker says "In mid-february The Cure releases their long awaited new album "Bloodflowers". The first single from the record once again shows the rare talent of the group.". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Out of this world (Promo only) CD
LP Finland Universal
Cut here (issued 2001). Info sticker. "Contact Grant (...)" on sticker. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Cut here (Promo) CD
Single United Kingdom Fiction (contact Grant)
Cut here (issued 2001). 1 track. Custom plain white titled paper sleeve with black and white Polydor logo and info-sticker. Sleeve says "The Cure Cut here 4.09". No inscriptions on CD - Thanks to orbinski.
 Cut here (Promo acetate) CD-R
Single United Kingdom Polydor (black & white)
Greatest hits (issued 2001). Mistyped copy without "5. The walk". Note mistyped "Jusy say yes". In plastic wallet with paper inlay. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Greatest hits (Promo acetate) CD-R
LP United Kingdom Polydor (NON UK CD1, no track 5)
Greatest hits (issued 2001). 19 tracks. Custom printed stickered disc and title/tracklisting inlay. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Greatest hits (Promo acetate) CD-R
LP United States BMG
The end of the world (issued 2004). Silver disc. - Thanks to orbinski.
 The end of the world (Promo) CD-R
Single Australia Geffen (silver disc)
Paul Hartnoll - Please (issued 2007). Former Orbital feat. Robert Smith on lead vocals. 9 tracks. Released 07.05.2007. Front sticker and press sheet. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Please (Promo acetate) CD-R
Maxi-single United Kingdom Kids (9 tracks, + sheet)
Hypnagogic states EP (issued 2008). EU edition with UK infosticker. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Hypnagogic states EP (Promo) CD
LP United Kingdom Polydor
One hundred years (issued 2003). 3-tracks. - Thanks to orbinski.
 One hundred years (In-house) MiniDV
Sampler United States Audio Plus Video Int.
The end of the world (issued 2004).  - Thanks to orbinski.
 The end of the world (In-house) MiniDV
Single United States Geffen
Staring at the sea · The images (issued 1986). Original issue. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Staring at the sea · The images 12" Laserdisc
LP Japan Videoarts
V.A. - Music Television MTV Nummer TVÅ 1983 (issued 1983). 6 tracks. Includes "The walk". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Music Television MTV Nummer TVÅ 1983 (Promo only) Video 2000
Radio/TV broadcast Sweden Scandinavian Film & Video (w/ "The walk")
V.A. - PolyGram Promotion Video VII (issued 1987). Includes "Why can't I be you?" and "Catch". - Thanks to orbinski.
 PolyGram Promotion Video VII (Promo only) VHS-PAL
LP Denmark PolyGram ("Why can't I be you?" +1)
Pictures of you (issued 1990).  - Thanks to orbinski.
 Pictures of you (Promo) VHS-PAL
Single United Kingdom Polydor
Show · Video press kit 1993 (issued 1993). 4-minute long video with several clips and information about The Cure. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Show · Video press kit 1993 (Promo only) VHS-NTSC
EPK United States Elektra
Galore The videos 1987-1997 (issued 1997). White cardboard sleeve. Sticker on cassette's spine. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Galore The videos 1987-1997 (Promo) VHS-PAL
LP Germany TeleCine
Cut here (issued 2001). White stickered cardsleeve reads "The Cure "Cut here" 4:10 Elektra/EEG". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Cut here (Promo) VHS-NTSC
Single United States Elektra ("4:10")
V.A. - Various: 5 X tracks (issued 2004). Duplicated for Polydor Records by Ascent Media. Includes sheet. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Various: 5 X tracks (In-house) Beta-SP Pal
LP United Kingdom Ascent Media (w/ "Taking off", + sheet)
      Vinyl 10"
Half an octopus (issued 1985). UK Release with Swedish promo paper by Polygram. It says "You are one of a few: Selected: Which gets: HALF AN OCTOPUSS .... SPECIAL SINGLE WITH THE CURE...". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Half an octopus 10"
EP Sweden PolyGram (+ sheet)
      Vinyl 12"
Three imaginary boys (issued 1979). Early copies were issued with front sticker, a postcard and a badge. 4 different postcards can be found. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Three imaginary boys 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction (+ postcard & badge)
Three imaginary boys (issued 1979). White "Importante notice" jacket. Fiction sticker with address. Contact info for "Bill" (Chris Parry) is handwritten on the sticker. Comes with promo postcard and badge. Stamped matrix code, same code inscribed in the first cut except for that "ok?". A-side on dead wax reads "FIX1 A // 1 ^ E STR L1 4 Strawberry The Gatwick Sound", b-side reads "FIX1 B // 1 ^ E STR L1 3 Strawberry". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Three imaginary boys (Promo test pressing) 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction
V.A. - New wave vibrations (issued 1980). 13 tracks. Includes "A forest". - Thanks to orbinski.
 New wave vibrations 12"
LP Hong Kong Polydor (w/ "A forest")
Seventeen seconds (issued 1981). Note "Stun" instead of "Stunn". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Seventeen seconds 12"
LP New Zealand EMI
Pornography (issued 1982). Inlcudes sheet dated "29 March 1982". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Pornography (Test pressing) 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction (+ sheet)
Let's go to bed / Just one kiss (issued 1982). "FICSX 17" and "24-11-82" handwritten on labels. Plain white cardboard sleeve, plain white inner. Inscribed on matrix side A: "A1 FICSX 17A F/W TC BUT IF ONE GREEN BOTTLE SHOULD ACCIDENTALLY RISE..". Side B: "A1 FICSX 17B THE QUEEN OF SIAM IN MY ARMS". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Let's go to bed / Just one kiss (Test pressing) 12"
Single United States The Music Connection
The top (issued 1984).  - Thanks to orbinski.
 The top 12"
LP Philippines Dyna
In-between days (issued 1986). A-side label is "Boys don't cry" with cat. number 883 937-1. - Thanks to orbinski.
 In-between days 12"
Maxi-single Netherlands Polydor (" ", mispressed)
The head on the door (issued 1985). White sleeve. "1" and "2" labels. - Thanks to orbinski.
 The head on the door (Test pressing) 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction (1&2 labels)
The King Biscuit Flower Hour - The Call / The Cure (issued 1986). The labels credit "Air date: September 21, 1986". - Thanks to orbinski.
 The King Biscuit Flower Hour - The Call / The Cure (Promo only) 12"x2
Radio/TV broadcast United States DIR Broadcasting (split, sep 1986)
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). Disc 1 has the same a-label on both sides. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me 12"x2
LP Philippines Dyna (mispressed)
In Concert - Europe / The Cure (issued 1987). Plain white sleeve with cue-sheet. To be aired the week of September 7, 1987. Features 10 tracks by Europe and 8 tracks by The Cure. - Thanks to orbinski.
 In Concert - Europe / The Cure (Promo only) 12"
Radio/TV broadcast United States Westwood One (split, + cue sheet)
Just like heaven (issued 1987). Green-blue jacket with sticker. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Just like heaven 12"
Maxi-single Philippines Dyna (green sleeve)
Disintegration (issued 1989). White label with Polydor release sheet. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Disintegration (Test pressing) 12"
LP Greece PolyGram (+ sheet)
Disintegration (issued 1989). Side A: Hand etched "HOW THE END"; machine "8393531 A-1U-1-3". Side B: Hand etched "ALWAYS IS"; machine "8393531 B-1-1-4". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Disintegration (Test pressing) 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction
Wild mood swings (issued 1996). Showing disc 2 only, plain black sleeve with center hole. Etched ST-E-61744 C-1 / ST-E-61744 D-1. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Wild mood swings (Test pressing) 12"x2
LP United States Specialty
      Vinyl 7"
Let's go to bed / Let's go to bed (issued 1982).  - Thanks to orbinski.
 Let's go to bed / Let's go to bed (Promo) 7"
Single United States Sire
Close to me / Six different ways (issued 1985). Promo ink stamp. White label with handwritten titles on A side, including "Close to me" and "Dyna". - Thanks to orbinski.
 Close to me / Six different ways (Promo test pressing) 7"
Single Philippines Dyna
Hot hot hot !!! / Hey you !!! (issued 1988).  - Thanks to orbinski.
 Hot hot hot !!! / Hey you !!! (Promo test pressing) 7"
Single United States Elektra
Pictures of you (remix) / Prayers for rain (live) (issued 1990). Purple vinyl. This copy was used to grade the color of the vinyl. "UN 4043 BURGUNDY" is a color code for a tone of purple. Inscription on matrix is the same as the commercial release. - Thanks to orbinski.
 Pictures of you (remix) / Prayers for rain (live) (Test pressing) 7"
Single United Kingdom Fiction (purple vinyl)
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