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Contributions from 7119simon 
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V.A. - Untitled 2 (issued 1996). Includes "The 13th". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Untitled 2 CDx2
LP United Kingdom Global Television (w/ "The 13th")
Wild mood swings (issued 1996). Germanc (PMDC) edition with PolyGram Malaysia stickers. - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Wild mood swings CD
LP Malaysia PolyGram
V.A. - CD 045 (issued 1996). Includes "Mint car". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 CD 045 (Promo only) CD
LP Argentina PolyGram (w/ "Mint car")
V.A. - American psycho (issued 2000). Includes track "Watching me fall (underdog remix)". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 American psycho (Promo) CD
Soundtrack Argentina Koch (w/ "Watching me fall (und. remix)")
V.A. - Anglo 137 (issued 2000). Includes "Maybe someday". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Anglo 137 (Promo only) CD
LP Argentina Universal (w/ "Maybe someday")
V.A. - Anglo 149 (issued 2000). Includes "The last day of summer". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Anglo 149 (Promo only) CD
LP Argentina Universal (w/ "The last day of summer")
V.A. - Anglo 181 (issued 2001). Includes "Cut here". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Anglo 181 (Promo only) CD
LP Argentina Universal (w/ "Cut here")
V.A. - CD 187 (issued 2001). Cardsleeve. Includes "Just say yes". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 CD 187 (Promo only) CD
LP Argentina Universal (w/ "Just say yes")
V.A. - The very best of The Tube (issued 2002). Includes "The lovecats". Double compilation from English tv programme "The Tube". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 The very best of The Tube CDx2
LP United Kingdom Universal (w/ "The lovecats")
The album network (issued 2003). 'Programme aired the week of March 1st 2003. Live broadcast of the following songs. On disc 1: Shake dog shake, A strange day, A night like this, Just like heaven, The walk, Primary, In-between days, A forest, One more time, Lullaby, Close to me, Let's go to bed, Why cant I be you?. On disc 2: 10:15 saturday night, Killing an arab, Never enough, Boys don't cry, Watching me fall, Prayers for rain, Maybe someday, If only tonight we could sleep, Bloodflowers. - Thanks to 7119simon.
 The album network (Promo only) CD-Rx2
Radio/TV broadcast United States Premiere Radio Network (w/ "One more time (live)" +21)
V.A. - Dark side of the 80's (issued 2003). Includes "Lullaby". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Dark side of the 80's CDx2
LP European Union Telstar (w/ "Lullaby")
V.A. - The dark side (issued 2004). Includes "A forest". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 The dark side CDx2
LP United Kingdom Universal (w/ "A forest")
V.A. - U2 jukebox (issued 2005). 13 tracks. Includes "A forest". Given away for free with Mojo magazine of July 2005. - Thanks to 7119simon.
 U2 jukebox CD
LP United Kingdom Mojo (w/ "A forest", +magazine)
V.A. - Starter for 10 (issued 2006). Gold promo stamp inside booklet and hole punch on barcode. Includes "In between days", "Six different ways", "Lovesong", "Pictures of you" and "Boys don't cry". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Starter for 10 (Promo) CD
Soundtrack United States Rhino (w/ "Six different ways" +4)
V.A. - The history boys (issued 2006). Gold promo stamp on booklet and punch hole on the back sleeve. Includes "A forest". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 The history boys (Promo) CD
Soundtrack United States Rhino (w/ "A forest")
V.A. - Anglo 2 - Promo verano 2009 (issued 2008). Includes "The only one". Note print error on the credits for "The only one". - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Anglo 2 - Promo verano 2009 (Promo only) CD
LP Argentina Universal (w/ "The only one")
V.A. - The edge of the eighties (issued 2008). Includes "The walk", "Dear prudence" feat. Robert Smith, and "The first picture of you" feat. Michael Dempsey. - Thanks to 7119simon.
 The edge of the eighties CDx3
LP United Kingdom Sony-BMG (w/ "The walk" +2)
4:13 dream (issued 2008). Four bonus tracks. - Thanks to 7119simon.
 4:13 dream CD
LP European Union Geffen (bonus tracks)
Trilogy (issued 2003). The videocassette inside the case is factory sealed. - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Trilogy VHS-PAL
LP European Union Eagle Vision
      Vinyl 12"
Standing on a beach · The singles (issued 1986).  - Thanks to 7119simon.
 Standing on a beach · The singles 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction
4:13 dream (issued 2008). Stickered. - Thanks to 7119simon.
 4:13 dream 12"x2
LP United States Geffen
      Vinyl 7"
The caterpillar / Happy the man (issued 1984). White paper label. Small hole with no black inner ring. - Thanks to 7119simon.
 The caterpillar / Happy the man 7"
Single United Kingdom Fiction (paper label, white small ring)
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