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Contributions from survivalrecs 
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      Vinyl 10"
(no title) (issued 1979). No sleeve. Includes "10.15 saturday night" (false start), "10:15 saturday night", "It's not you" on a-side, and  "Meathook" and "Subway song" on b-side. - Thanks to survivalrecs.
 (no title) (Test acetate) 10"
Track-off South Africa Satbel
 Out of market  
The figurehead (The frightened) (alternate) (issued 1982). Features a 7 minute version alternate mix. Note wrong title "The frightened". - Thanks to survivalrecs.
 The figurehead (The frightened) (alternate) (Test acetate) 10"
Track-off South Africa AudioArts
 Out of market  
      Vinyl 7"
Foxy lady / Grinding halt (issued 1979). Satbel sleeve with "Satbel" on sleeve. The track "Grinding Halt" has a false start of about 10 seconds. - Thanks to survivalrecs.
 Foxy lady / Grinding halt (Test acetate) 7"
Track-off South Africa Satbel
Three imaginary boys / Meathook (issued 1979). Mistyped "1978" on label. "TheRecord&TapeCo(Pty)Ltd." sleeve. Note the title on a-side is "Imaginary boys". - Thanks to survivalrecs.
 Three imaginary boys / Meathook (Test acetate) 7"
Track-off South Africa Satbel
The hanging garden / A short term effect (issued 1982). "The hanging garden" plays on a-side and length is 3m47s. "A short term effect" plays on b-side and length is 3m55s. Both end with fade out and are shortened on the start. - Thanks to survivalrecs.
 The hanging garden / A short term effect (Test acetate) 7"
Single South Africa AudioArts
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