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Contributions from Wishcure 
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Faith (issued 1986). No bar code. Polydor red papaer label on grey or black plastic tape. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 Faith Cassette
LP Spain PolyGram
The top (issued 1987). Reissue with bar code. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 The top Cassette
LP Spain PolyGram (1987)
The head on the door (issued 1987). Reissue with bar code. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 The head on the door Cassette
LP Spain EuroGram (1987)
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1990). Reissue. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me Cassette
LP Spain EuroGram (1990)
Seventeen seconds (issued 2005). Remastered deluxe. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 Seventeen seconds CDx2
LP European Union Universal (remast. deluxe)
Seventeen seconds (issued 2001). Universal corner sticker. Clear inner ring. Back of disc says "825 354-2 03" and "Made in Germany by Universal M & L". - Thanks to Wishcure.
 Seventeen seconds CD
LP Germany Universal (clear ring)
Pornography (issued 2005). Remastered. Black disc. Lyrics printed on disc. Credits on back of sleeve are yellow and white. "Made in Germany by EDC" on matrix. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 Pornography CD
LP European Union Universal (remast., yellow credits, "G. by EDC")
Concert (issued 1990). Black disc. CD is made in France by PMDC. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 Concert CD
LP France PolyGram (by PMDC)
The 13th (issued 1996). Slimcase. Blue sleeve. Made in Germany for European distribution. Slight misprint on the edge. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 The 13th CD
Maxi-single Germany Polydor (blue sleeve)
In Orange (issued 1993). White label. Ref. number on label is "0415543". No silver sticker on the spine. Mistyped catalogue number on label. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 In Orange VHS-PAL
LP Spain PolyGram (1993, "0415543")
Picture show (issued 1993). White label. No PMV logo. PolyGram Video red logo. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 Picture show VHS-PAL
LP Europe PolyGram ("PolyGram Video", 1993)
      Vinyl 12"
Seventeen seconds (issued 1990). Red label. - Thanks to Wishcure.
 Seventeen seconds 12"
LP Spain Polydor (1990)
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