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Contributions from jrcure 
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V.A. - On the wave (issued 1980). With track "Boys don't cry". - Thanks to jrcure.
 On the wave Cassette
LP Spain Polydor (w/ "Boys don't cry")
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 2008). "The Cure Papersleeve Collection" series with obi and "Vintage Vinyl Replica" French sticker stating "Retrouvez vos vinyls en CD". CD is made in Germany and distributed by Universal Germany. - Thanks to jrcure.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me CD
LP France Universal (Vintage Vinyl Replica)
Wish (issued 1992). Back sleeve reads "Made in Austria for sale in Hungary only". - Thanks to jrcure.
 Wish CD
LP Hungary MMC
A letter to Elise (issued 1992). Slimcase. The sleeve says "861 085-2", while the matrix says "863 797-2" as the German digipack. - Thanks to jrcure.
 A letter to Elise CD
Maxi-single Germany Polydor (slimcase)
A letter to Elise (issued 1992). Promo sticker on front sleeve and promo sheet. - Thanks to jrcure.
 A letter to Elise (Promo) CD
Maxi-single United Kingdom Fiction (+ sheet)
In Orange (issued 1988). First issue. - Thanks to jrcure.
 In Orange Beta-Pal
LP Spain PolyGram (1988, Beta)
In Orange (issued 1991). White label. Ref. number on label is "041 554-3". Back sleeve says 1991. - Thanks to jrcure.
 In Orange VHS-PAL
LP Spain PolyGram (1991, "041 554-3")
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