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Three imaginary boys (issued 1979). First ever The Cure cassette. Beige paper label. Note the unique labels with pictograms, the old logo, and catalogue "FIX C1". - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Three imaginary boys Cassette
LP United Kingdom Fiction (paper label, pictograms)
Three imaginary boys (issued 1979). Black plastic tape. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Three imaginary boys Cassette
LP United Kingdom Fiction (plastic tape)
Boys don't cry (issued 1990). "Chromium dioxide" titles on sleeve. Transparent tape. White Polydor logo on tape. Made in the Netherlands. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Boys don't cry Cassette
LP France Polydor (1990, white logo)
Faith / Carnage visors (issued 1981). "Imp POLYGRAM INDUSTRIES MESSAGERIES - Imprime et fabriqué en France" on sleeve, back and inner. "STEREO utilisable en MONO" on inner sleeve. Red paper label on black plastic tape. Spine has catalogue "POL 570". Paper label states (P) 1981 and "Fabriqué en France". - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Faith / Carnage visors Cassette
LP France Polydor (POL 570, "imp. et fabriqué")
Concert (issued 1984). Tape has "1" and "2" printed on right. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Concert Cassette
LP Canada WEA (type 2)
Concert and curiosity (issued 1984). "823682-4" on front sleeve. "LC 6444" on inner is missing. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Concert and curiosity Cassette
LP Germany Metronome (" ")
Concert (issued 1984). "Rp. 6000" on spine. Misspelt "Snake dog shake". Indonesia titles on back sleeve. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Concert Cassette
LP Indonesia Suara Sentral Sejati (Rp. 6000)
The head on the door (issued 1985). 6-line credits on back sleeve. Black plastic tape without Elektra logo, but "Elektra" typed vertically. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 The head on the door Cassette
LP Canada Warner (6 lines, no logo)
The head on the door (issued 1985). Clear tape. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 The head on the door Cassette
LP Netherlands Polydor
Standing on a beach · The singles (and unavailable b-sides) (issued 1986). Black plastic tape. Red logo on spine. 4-line credits under the barcode on sleeve. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Standing on a beach · The singles (and unavailable b-sides) Cassette
LP Canada Warner (red logo, 4 lines)
Standing on a beach · The singles (and unavailable b-sides) (issued 1986). French titles on sleeve. Black tape. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Standing on a beach · The singles (and unavailable b-sides) Cassette
LP France Polydor
Disintegration (issued 1989). White tape. Record-club issue with additional catalogue number. "SR" type. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Disintegration Cassette
LP United States Columbia House (white tape)
Pictures of you (remix) / Prayers for rain (live version) (issued 1990). "AR" type. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Pictures of you (remix) / Prayers for rain (live version) Cassette
Single United States Elektra (AR)
Never enough (issued 1990). 4 tracks. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Never enough Cassette
Maxi-single Canada WEA
Close to me (closest mix) / Just like heaven (dizzy mix) (issued 1990). 2 tracks. "SR" type. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Close to me (closest mix) / Just like heaven (dizzy mix) Cassette
Single United States Elektra (SR)
Mixed up (issued 1990). Record-club issue. Black tape. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Mixed up Cassette
LP Canada Columbia House (black tape)
Mixed up (issued 1990). Clear tape. Long sleeve. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Mixed up Cassette
LP Netherlands Fiction (clear tape, long sleeve)
High (single mix) / This twilight garden (issued 1992). Cardsleeve. "AR" type. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 High (single mix) / This twilight garden Cassette
Single United States Elektra (AR)
Wish (issued 1992). "Manufactured in Indonesia" on back sleeve. Universal tape with white print. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Wish Cassette
LP Indonesia Universal (Universal tape, white print)
Friday I'm in love / Halo (issued 1992). Cardsleeve. "AR" type. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Friday I'm in love / Halo Cassette
Single United States Elektra (AR)
Show (issued 1993). PolyGram generic black plastic tape. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Show Cassette
LP Malaysia PolyGram (black tape)
Mint car (issued 1996). Cardsleeve. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Mint car Cassette
Single Australia WEA
Bloodflowers (issued 2000). "Manufactured in Indonesia" titles on front sleeve. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Bloodflowers Cassette
LP Indonesia Universal
Greatest hits (issued 2001). Clear tape has 4-line credits. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Greatest hits Cassette
LP European Union Universal (4 lines)
Maybe someday (issued 2000). Universal Music Czech Republic die-cut sleeve. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Maybe someday (Promo only) CD
Single Czech Republic Universal
Bloodflowers (issued 2000). Front sticker. Jewel case without front sleeve and with custom backsleeve. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Bloodflowers (Promo) CD
LP European Union Fiction
Out of this world (album version) (issued 2000). 1 track. 6'43 album version. No sleeve. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Out of this world (album version) (Promo acetate) CD-R
Single Belgium Universal
Trilogy (issued 2003). Promotional copy signed by Robert Smith obtained through a XFM competition. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Trilogy (Promo) DVDx2
LP United Kingdom Eagle Rock
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Nocturne (issued 1986). "PolyGram Video" and "E" logos on label. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Nocturne VHS-PAL
LP United Kingdom Channel 5 (red "PV" logo)
Staring at the sea · The images (issued 1986). Fiction logo on back. PolyGram catalogue number on spine. Manufactured, sold and distributed in the UK by PolyGram Video Ltd. Label has the "E" logo and "PV" PolyGram Video logo. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Staring at the sea · The images VHS-PAL
LP United Kingdom PolyGram (black "E", black line)
V.A. - Fall 1990 alternative video compilation (issued 1990). 12 tracks. Includes ""The making of the 'Never enough' video", "Pirate radio news coverage" and "Never enough". - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Fall 1990 alternative video compilation (Promo only) VHS-NTSC
LP United States Elektra (w/ "Never enough" +3)
Friday I'm in love (performance version) (issued 1992). Performance version. No Elektra logo on spine. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Friday I'm in love (performance version) (Promo) VHS-NTSC
Single United States Elektra (3:38, no logo)
(no title) (issued 1996). Plain white cardsleeve. White sticker with tracklisting. Contains 13 tracks. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 (no title) (Promo only) VHS-NTSC
LP United States Elektra
Galore The videos 1987-1997 (issued 1997).  - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Galore The videos 1987-1997 VHS-Secam
LP European Union PolyGram
Various 30" Clips (issued 2001). "Polydor Video / Marketing" on label. Date printed on labels. 7-track 30 second taster clips incl. "Boys don't cry", "The lovecats", "Close to me", "Why can't I be you?", "Just like heaven", "Lullaby" & "Friday I'm in love". Custom stickered cassette & plastic slipcase. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Various 30" Clips (Promo only) VHS-PAL
Sampler United Kingdom Polydor ("Polydor Video / Marketing")
      Vinyl 7"
Taking off / Why can't I be me? (issued 2004). Stickered clear sleeve. Picture disc. Cream front and back. - Thanks to thecure.cz.
 Taking off / Why can't I be me? 7"
Single European Union Geffen (cream/cream)
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