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Contributions from benoit 
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Faith / Carnage Visors (issued 1983). "2 for 1" red & black fold-out sleeve. White back sleeve. Black plastic tape. - Thanks to benoit.
 Faith / Carnage Visors Cassette
LP United Kingdom Fiction (1983)
Mixed up (issued 1990). Unlike the common edition, on this one the grey print shows a noticeable transparency. "BIEM STEMRA" on disc. Matrix reads "M0033977 - ifpi L596 SNA - 1 / 8470992". The white center reads "IFPI 1A230". - Thanks to benoit.
 Mixed up CD
LP United Kingdom Fiction (black disc)
      Vinyl 12"
The top (issued 1984). Yellow label. - Thanks to benoit.
 The top 12"
LP United States Sire (yellow label)
Boys don't cry (issued 1986).  - Thanks to benoit.
 Boys don't cry 12"
Maxi-single France Polydor
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987). French edition with back "POL 287" sticker. - Thanks to benoit.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me 12"x2
LP France Fiction (M. in France, "POL 287" stickered)
      Vinyl 7"
Charlotte sometimes / Splintered in her head (issued 1981). First issue. - Thanks to benoit.
 Charlotte sometimes / Splintered in her head 7"
Single Netherlands Polydor (first issue)
The hanging garden / Killing an arab (issued 1982). Plastic label. - Thanks to benoit.
 The hanging garden / Killing an arab 7"
Single United Kingdom Fiction (plastic label)
A letter to Elise / The big hand (issued 1992). Silver plastic label. Small hole. Record made in France. - Thanks to benoit.
 A letter to Elise / The big hand 7"
Single United Kingdom Fiction (plastic label, small hole)
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