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Contributions from Gweza 
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And Also The Trees - And also the trees (issued 1992). Produced by Laurence Tolhurst. - Thanks to Gweza.
 And also the trees CD
LP Germany Normal (w/ Lol Tolhurst)
And Also The Trees - A retrospective 1983-1986 (issued 1986). Produced by Laurence Tolhurst. - Thanks to Gweza.
 A retrospective 1983-1986 CD
LP France Reflex (w/ Lol Tolhurst)
Mint car (issued 1996). Slimcase. Made in Germany for European distribution. - Thanks to Gweza.
 Mint car CD
Maxi-single Germany Polydor (slimcase)
Mint car (issued 1996). Digipack. Front sticker. - Thanks to Gweza.
 Mint car CD
Maxi-single United States Elektra
V.A. - Later... Even louder (issued 2005). Includes "alt.end" plus interview. - Thanks to Gweza.
 Later... Even louder DVD
LP European Union Warner (w/ "alt.end" + interview)
Play out (issued 1991). UK issue with "SECAM" sticker on spine. Front sticker. - Thanks to Gweza.
 Play out VHS-Secam
LP France Windsong
      Vinyl 12"
The walk (issued 1983). Black paper label. 4 tracks. "POL 301" printed on backsleeve. - Thanks to Gweza.
 The walk 12"
Maxi-single France Polydor (4 tracks, POL 301)
The walk (issued 1983). Red Polydor label. 6 tracks. POL 196. - Thanks to Gweza.
 The walk 12"
Mini-LP France Polydor (6 tracks, POL 196)
And Also The Trees - And also the trees (issued 1984). White insert. Produced by Laurence Tolhurst. - Thanks to Gweza.
 And also the trees 12"
LP United Kingdom Reflex (white insert, w/ Lol Tolhurst)
Concert (issued 1984).  - Thanks to Gweza.
 Concert 12"
LP United Kingdom Fiction
In-between days (issued 1985). There is no "Q" under the catalogue number. - Thanks to Gweza.
 In-between days 12"
Maxi-single Canada WEA (no "Q")
Charlotte sometimes (issued 1986). 1986 reissue with harder sleeve. - Thanks to Gweza.
 Charlotte sometimes 12"
Maxi-single France Polydor
Lullaby (issued 1989).  - Thanks to Gweza.
 Lullaby 12"
Maxi-single European Union Polydor
Close to me (closer mix) (issued 1990). "MAXI SINGLE" print on the back. - Thanks to Gweza.
 Close to me (closer mix) 12"
Maxi-single France Polydor
V.A. - Great Xpectations live (issued 1993). With live tracks "Just like heaven" and "Disintegration". - Thanks to Gweza.
 Great Xpectations live 12"
LP United Kingdom XFM (w/ "Just like heaven" (live) +1)
      Vinyl 7"
The lovecats / Speak my language (issued 1983).  - Thanks to Gweza.
 The lovecats / Speak my language 7"
Single France Polydor
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