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V.A. - Times Square (issued 1980). Includes lyrics insert. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Times Square Cassette
Soundtrack Japan RSO (w/ "Grinding halt")
Faith (issued 1983). Paper label with LP catalog number printed. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Faith (In-house) Cassette
LP Japan Vap
 Out of market  
The top (issued 1984). Paper label with red vap label stating "sample". - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 The top (In-house) Cassette
LP Japan Vap
 Out of market  
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hyaena (issued 1984). Pen writing "Hyaena" on label. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Hyaena (Test pressing) Cassette
LP Japan Polydor
Kiss me kiss me kiss me (issued 1987).  - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Kiss me kiss me kiss me Cassette
LP Japan Polydor
Pornography (issued 2006). Remastered deluxe. With obi. Promo sticker on back sleeve. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Pornography (Promo) CDx2
LP Japan Universal (remast. deluxe)
The head on the door (issued 1985). Red promo sticker on back sleeve (inside the jewel case). Promo stamp on disc. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 The head on the door (Promo) CD
LP Japan Vap
V.A. - Rubáiyát (issued 1990). With obi. Promo titles on inner ring. Includes "Hello, I love you" and "Hello, I love you (slight return)". Elektra's 40th Anniversary CDx2 including tracks by The Pixies, Billy Bragg, Howard Jones, Metallica, The Beautiful South and many more. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Rubáiyát (Promo) CDx2
LP Japan Warner (w/ "Hello I love you" (2))
Paris (issued 1993). With obi and promo back red sticker; "SAMPLE" titles on disc. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Paris (Promo) CD
LP Japan Polydor
V.A. - Polydor now! Radio on air Vol. 8 (issued 1993). Double jewel case. With "Doing the unstuck (live)" from "Show". - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Polydor now! Radio on air Vol. 8 (Promo only) CDx2
LP Japan Polydor (w/ "Doing the unstuck (live)")
V.A. - Marie Antoinette (issued 2006). Includes sheet. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Marie Antoinette (Promo acetate) CD-Rx2
Soundtrack Japan Universal (w/ "Plainsong" +1)
V.A. - U-mode · Summer festival edition (issued 2007). 18 tracks. Thick cardsleeve. Made for the Fuji Rock Festival 2007. Includes track "The end of the world". - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 U-mode · Summer festival edition (Promo only) CD
LP Japan Universal (w/ "The end of the world")
4:13 dream (issued 2008). With obi. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 4:13 dream (Promo) CD
LP Japan Universal
V.A. - U-mode November/2008 11 (issued 2008). Cardsleeve with infosticker fold-out insert. 20 tracks. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 U-mode November/2008 11 (Promo only) CD
LP Japan Universal (w/ "The perfect boy")
V.A. - The art of McCartney (issued 2014). Includes "Hello Goodbye". - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 The art of McCartney (Promo) CD-Rx2
LP Japan Universal (w/ "Hello goobye")
V.A. - Promo lights clip! Back to... megahits 4 - Bon Jovi / The Cure / Blur / Cardigans (issued 2000). 8 tracks. Released January 20, 2000. With "The 13th" videoclip. Japanese on spine reads "Bon Jovi / The Cure / Blur / Cardigans" (not "The Cardigans").  - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Promo lights clip! Back to... megahits 4 - Bon Jovi / The Cure / Blur / Cardigans DVD
LP Japan Columbia (w/ "The 13th")
Greatest hits (issued 2001). No obi. Yellow sticker on front. Promo titles on the inner ring read the words "Universal Music" and "Promotion". - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Greatest hits (Promo) DVD
LP Japan Universal (2001)
Greatest hits (issued 2006). With obi. Third issue. Limited edition. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Greatest hits DVD
LP Japan Universal (2006)
Festival 2005 (issued 2007). With obi. Promo sticker on backsleeve and promo titles on inner ring. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Festival 2005 (Promo) DVD
LP Japan Geffen
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Nocturne (issued 1988). With obi. Sample titles on a-label and a special laserdisc sample sticker on front sleeve. Misspelt "Nocturn" on label and spine. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Nocturne (Promo) 12" Laserdisc
LP Japan Polydor
In Orange (issued 1988). Includes 4-page lyric sheet. Note misspelt "Killing an arat". Released in August 1988. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 In Orange 12" Laserdisc
LP Japan Videoarts (VAL-3071)
Staring at the sea · The images (issued 1986). Label on disc reads "Other voice" and "The hanging gerden". - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Staring at the sea · The images VHD
LP Japan CIC Victor
 Out of market  
Live in Japan (issued 1985). Hard case. Includes lyrics insert. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Live in Japan Beta-NTSC
LP Japan Toshiba
Galore The videos 1987-1997 (issued 1998). Promo sticker on back and label. Japanese titles on spine. Issued with PolyGram clear plastic sleeve. Includes insert with biography in Japanese and lyrics in English. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Galore The videos 1987-1997 (Promo) VHS-NTSC
LP Japan PolyGram
      Vinyl 12"
Pornography (issued 1983). With obi. White label and red promo sticker. 4-page booklet. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Pornography (Promo) 12"
LP Japan Vap
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hyaena (issued 1984). With obi. White promo label and red promo sticker on sleeve. Some copies were issued with a promo photo of the album. - Thanks to TokyoMusicJapan.com.
 Hyaena (Promo) 12"
LP Japan Polydor (+ photo)
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